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Blend Style And Performance With A KitchenAid® Range Hood That Mounts Over A Cooking Island.

Features including perimeter ventilation, automatic turn-on and fan-speed adjustment, task lighting and the Whisper Quiet™ System ensure our island-mounted range hoods keep your kitchen clean, clear and quiet. If you’ve opted to place your cooking appliances in an island, our ceiling-mount canopy hood design will pull cooking odors and vapors out of the air, giving you a purified cook space. Plus, the automatic sensor features help protect your cabinetry and appliances by turning on when heat is sensed and filtering out grease, steam and more. Browse KitchenAid® range hoods for island mounts that attach directly to your ceiling to complete the modern aesthetics of your kitchen while offering enhanced technology and powerful performance. Not looking for an island-mount range hood? Browse our other kitchen ventilation systems to find one that best fits your layout and cooking needs.