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Induction Teppanyaki 40cm

Induction Teppanyaki 40cm

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Model: KHTD238510


Domino Teppanyaki Induction

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KitchenAid® cooktops with downdraft functionality do not require additional ventilation, making them the perfect choice for open concept kitchens. With the versatility to install in an island or peninsula, or simply avoid a hood in favor of more cabinet space, our downdraft cooktops are designed to pull odors, grease and steam from the air right at the surface. Impressive exhaust ratings, adjustable fan speeds and burners designed for high and low cooking temperatures help maintain a pleasant living environment while making sure meals are prepared as they should be. Choose between gas cooktops or electric cooktops with a downdraft – both models effectively clear the air so you can make more out of every meal.